Link Rot!

Well, kids, the Chronicle launched its new website last week, and the old links to my Chron stories don’t work any more. I have asked our tech folks whether the problem is likely to go away (ha!)–whether, in other words, those old URLs will eventually redirect readers to archived stories on the new site. I… Continue reading »

Howard’s Rules of Reviewing (Wallet-Size)

An abridged version for those who don’t want to wade through the chatty one below: 1. Read the book. All of it. 2. Be honest. Say what you think and why. 3. Do not hide behind vagueness and cliche. 4. Resist the temptation to be mean just because you can. 5. Remember that the author… Continue reading »

Howard’s Rules of Reviewing

I don’t write many reviews these days. Ten years at Book World gave me my fill, and it was time to focus on on other kinds of writing. That’s been a happy decision, but I still read a lot of reviews (and write them once in a while), and I still find the push-and-pull between… Continue reading »

Can Writers and Critics Get Along?

It’s been a bad week for author-critic relations. First Alice Hoffman used Twitter to get back at a reviewer who made the mistake of not entirely loving her latest novel. Then Alain de Botton went after Caleb Crain–in the comments section of Crain’s blog–for not entirely loving his latest opus in a review for the… Continue reading »